Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Many people that have diabetes know the impact on their overall health but didn’t know that it can also affect your teeth and gums. Those with uncontrolled diabetes can have an increased risk for gum disease, fungal infections (thrush), tooth decay, taste impairment, dry mouth and delayed healing. However, taking the right precautions and prevention steps will allow you to better grasp and control the situation.

Here are three things to consider for your oral health if you have diabetes.

1. Sugar Levels
It is important to manage your sugar levels so that they remain within a safe range. This way it’ll optimize your body’s ability to fight infections and heal effectively. If your body is not able to regulate sugar levels on its own, then you need to follow your physician’s instructions. They’ll teach you how to maintain it within a range that allows your body to function at optimal levels. Those who have controlled blood sugar levels are not at a higher risk for dental related concerns than those that do not have diabetes.

2. Gum Disease
Patients with uncontrolled diabetes are at a higher risk for dental problems. This may include gingivitis, also known as gum disease, due to poor blood sugar control. Gum disease may also cause blood sugar to rise and therefore make diabetes harder to control. If gum disease progresses it will result in periodontitis, leading to bone loss and receding gums around your teeth. It is important to have routine check ups to recognize any signs of gum disease.

3. Oral Health Routine
Brushing and flossing twice a day with a soft brush will help with minimizing dental concerns. Professional hygiene appointments and dental check ups on a routine basis will decrease the progression of any disease. The dental hygienist and dentist are continually looking for signs of systemic health concerns in your mouth and may recommend that you visit your physician if there are any concerns.

Having an effective oral health routine at home and regular dental visits are important for everyone, especially those with diabetes related concerns. If you have any questions or concerns, please book an appointment with your trusted Abbotsford Dentist, Dedicated Dental Care today!