Everything you need to know about Dentures

There are many adults who have one or more missing teeth. This can be due to an accident, tooth decay, gum disease or other dental issues. Fortunately, there are options available to replace missing teeth such as dentures.

Dentures are acrylic teeth that are set in either a metal or plastic framework. Here is everything you need to know about Dentures:


Dentures are not only made for chewing, but they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. They can be made for the top or the bottom jaw and can replace all or only some of your natural teeth. Traditional full dentures are supported by the gums that they rest on and partial dentures are supported by the remaining teeth in your mouth.

Self Confidence

A missing tooth that is visible when you smile can have a dramatic impact on your appearance, especially missing teeth in the front area. In addition, missing teeth in the back can create a challenge when attempting to chew your foods and digest effectively. Replacing any missing teeth can enhance your smile and self-confidence.


When you are missing more than one tooth there are numerous options from bridges, implants and dentures. Dentures can be a more cost effective option than other alternatives as you are able to replace multiple teeth with a single treatment plan.

Denture Alternatives

Dentures are a good option for some patients. However, there is additional care that is involved with dentures, as they need to be removed and cleaned regularly. Sometimes the denture may not fit properly, and may need to be re-adjusted.

There are alternatives to dentures and also modifications to enhance the fit of your denture, which are dental implants. Dental implants are as close as dentistry has come to permanent tooth replacement. An implant replaces a missing tooth by placing a permanent titanium “root” into your jaw. An artificial tooth can then be attached to the new titanium fixture.

Dental implants can also be used to attach to your complete or partial denture. The implant acts as a “button” that helps to “snap” the denture in place, significantly improving the fit of the denture. This will minimize any movement of the denture and maximize the function and appearance as well.

Both are great options, and based on personal needs it’ll determine which treatment is better for you. For some it may be a combination of dental implants and dentures. Not every mouth is the same and therefore we need to review your unique situation and recommend the appropriate treatment.

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