Everything you need to know about Sports Guards

Sports guards are an important piece of sports equipment to protect your teeth, especially with sports that can result in falls, body contact or flying equipment. A sports guard is designed to protect your teeth, lips and mouth. It will minimize damage to your mouth when you experience trauma. Typically your top teeth are positioned more forward than the bottom so a sports guard will fit over these teeth. Protecting your teeth when playing sports will minimize any irreversible damage and avoid dental treatment.

There are different kinds of sports guards available including:

1. “Stock” Sports Guards:
These are found over the counter in sporting and department stores. They are pre-formed and ready to use out of the package. However, they provide little protection and cannot be modified. These sports guards are also bulky, which can make it difficult to breath and speak.

2. “Boil and Bite” Sports Guards:
These are also found over the counter in sporting and department stores. They are better than the stock sports guards in that the preformed guard can be modified to fit your mouth. Placing the guard in hot water makes it soft and then you bite on it to form around your teeth. You can use your fingers and tongue to mold the guard as well. As it cools it will harden and will be ready to use. Be sure to follow the instructions to avoid an ill-fitting sports guard.

3. Custom made Sports Guards:
These sports guards are individually made just for you using impressions of your teeth that are taken at the dental office. Once your models are prepared a sports guard is molded over this impression with a special material in a dental lab. The custom fit and comfort of this material make it the best option for those wishing to protect their teeth while playing sports.

The most important features to consider when choosing a sport guard is to ensure it’s resilient, tear-resistant and comfortable. If you or your children play sports and want to know more about how we can help, come and see us. Book an appointment conveniently online with your Abbotsford Dentist today!