Modernizing dentistry: DryShield, an alternative to a rubber dam

Modernizing dentistry: an alternative to a rubber dam

If you have ever had a filling then you are probably familiar with the infamous rubber dam; what is a rubber dam all about? A rubber dam is a latex, or non-latex, sheet with holes lined up that allow only your teeth to pop through and the tooth being worked on is isolated from saliva and bacteria. Your tongue, cheeks and gums are all protected from the dental procedure while the dentist is able to work in a clean environment. Some patients do not enjoy the use of a rubber dam because of the need to use a metal clamp around your back tooth, it cannot be removed and inserted with ease, water and saliva can pool underneath the dam and it can cause difficulty breathing if you are unable to breathe through your nose.

We understand the concerns regarding the use of a rubber dam, yet we strongly support the need for proper isolation during dental procedures. We have introduced a device at our office that solves many of the concerns mentioned.

Dryshield is a device we use during many procedures that takes the features of a rubber dam and adds in a few more of its own. Here are a few ways the Dryshield will make your next dental visit more comfortable:

1. Easy insertion/removal
With a quick and easy insertion/removal that doesn’t require a clamp, it allows you to be more at ease during your treatment.

2. No clamp involved
There’s less freezing needed because there is no clamp involved. An integrated bite block ensures comfort to your jaw joints.

3. Continuous suction
There’s continuous suction throughout the procedure to ensure that you do not have water or saliva pooling at the back of your throat.

4. More efficient procedures
With the maintenance of an isolated area during your dental treatment; this allows procedures to be completed more efficiently and quickly.

We are committed to providing a high quality of dental care in a comfortable and caring environment. The dryshield allows our patients to be more relaxed during dental procedures.

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