Start Date:

I started working at Dedicated Dental Care in June 2013

Why I like working here:

Knowing what kind of work goes into our patient’s care is the most important part of my day, but having a dental team that is heartfelt and driven…it’s a balance of teamwork, compassion and performance at its best.

Favourite Way to stay active:

In the summer I enjoy jogging with my dog, hiking and playing volleyball. In wintertime, skating and snowboarding

Health and Nutritional Tip:

Drop the pop! It’s filled with chemical sweeteners, caffeine, artificial colors and flavors. It has no value to our teeth or our bodies. Plus, when you take the time to drink this sugary substitute, you fail to drink something that will actually hydrate your body. Stick to water with a twist of citrus which aids in digestion and flushes your system.

Dental Health Tip:

Floss BEFORE you brush! Flossing FIRST displaces the plaque from the sheltered areas that brushing doesn’t reach. Cleaning the minute spaces between teeth allows the fluoride in toothpaste to better reach all these areas where plaque would have been otherwise blocking. Fluoride in between your teeth can mean less cavities in those places impossible to reach with a toothbrush!


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