Dental Care

A Guide to Managing Your Oral Health During Cold and Flu Season

When you are sick, it is important to take care of your body including your mouth.

Five Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and that means it’s time for trick or treating and a lot of sweet treats. Here are a few ways to help keep your childr

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toothbrush

A toothbrush should be replaced every three to four months. Even if the toothbrush doesn't look too worn out, it should be replaced to optimize your d

5 Common Oral Health Mistakes

Most people brush their teeth and are aware of the importance of brushing and flossing their teeth. However dental problems can still occur, even if y

How often do I need to visit the Dentist?

How often you go to the dentist can vary depending on your needs. Prevention is the best way to avoid oral health concerns such as tooth

5 Travel Tips for good oral Health

Maintaining good oral health while on vacation can be a challenge. Remember these travel tips to make sure you continue your oral health care

3 symptoms that you may have a cracked tooth

Although teeth are very strong and durable, at times our teeth can crack. This can result from a variety of reasons. See the symptoms of a cracked too

How Invisalign can improve your smile

Invisalign takes a modern approach to straightening teeth, using a series of custom-made clear aligners created just for you.

Dental Care for Seniors

Everyone of all ages should take care of their oral health. However, as you age, you may need to make a few changes in the way you care for your teeth

New Year’s Resolution for a Healthy Smile

With the New Year approaching, it’s a great time to start the year off with a healthy smile. As the holiday season can cause us to get off track fro

6 symptoms of Dental Health Problems

Here are 6 symptoms that could be warning signs of potential concerns with your oral health, and a sign that you may want to make a visit to see your

5 Things to Know about your Dental Insurance

There are many different types of dental insurance plans and can vary with different companies. Here are a few things to know about your dental insura

5 Ways to Prevent Cavities

There are many ways to prevent cavities before they occur. Here are five ways to avoid or minimize this risk of cavities.

Modernizing dentistry: DryShield, an alternative to a rubber dam

Modernizing dentistry: an alternative to a rubber dam If you have ever had a filling then you are probably familiar with the infamous rubber

Dental Emergency – What to do if you hit your front teeth

When you experience trauma to your teeth and supporting tissues it is important to act accordingly to avoid long term consequences to your teeth and t

Everything you need to know about Sports Guards

Sports guards are an important piece of sports equipment to protect your teeth, especially with sports that can result in falls, body contact or flyin

5 Tips to Keep Your Healthy Summer Smile

Here are 5 quick tips to keep a healthy summer smile.

6 ways to clean your teeth when you have braces

When you have braces, it’s important to have a good oral hygiene routine. Here are other methods that are also good options for cleaning your teeth

Diabetes and Your Oral Health

Many people that have diabetes know the impact on their overall health but didn't know that it can also affect your teeth and gums. Learn more about w

Everything you need to know about Dentures

There are options available to replace missing teeth such as dentures or dental implants. Learn more to see which option may be better for you.

A Guide for your Oral Dental Routine While Pregnant

It is important to continue with your regular dental visits while pregnant, as it is not only safe but recommended.

Top 8 Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is a very common, yet preventable, issue that is experienced by many patients. See what are the top 8 causes for tooth sensitivity.

Floss it Right: The Ultimate Guide to Flossing

Flossing twice a day is important in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. Flossing will removing any food that is stuck in between your teeth.
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5 Quick Tips to Improve Your Dental Routine

Here are 5 quick tips to improve your dental routine. Your smile is one of the greatest factors to self-confidence. Learn to maintain healthy teeth.

Why Replacing Missing Teeth Is Important

There are also numerous reason to replace your missing teeth. Having missing teeth can severely impact your quality of life, smile and overall health.

Everything you need to know about Dental X-Rays

Wondering what's the difference between digital dental X-rays and conventional X-rays? See our FAQ to learn more!

What to Consider when choosing an Electric Toothbrush

Thinking of switching to an electric toothbrush? Make sure you consider all these factors to find the right electric toothbrush for you.

Overcoming Fear of Dentists

Some patients experience dental anxiety and feel worried during dental appointments. Here are some ways to overcome your dental fears.

Manual or Electric Toothbrush

There are many options when it comes to choosing a toothbrush. Here are 5 things to consider when deciding between a manual or electric toothbrush.